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Route 66 Guidebook/Atlas
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The Guidebook is a mile-by-mile description of the Mother Road and provides convenient driving directions that the traveler can follow using a vehicle trip-odometer. In addition, there are valuable lodging and dining recommendations.

The book is divided into two sections of 90 pages each. One section provides directions for driving westbound from Chicago to Los Angeles. Flip the book over and you have the other section for eastbound drivers going from Los Angeles to Chicago!

Click here to see a reproduction of the westbound directions that correspond to the map below.

Click here to see a reproduction of the eastbound directions that correspond to the map below.

For the daring traveler, there are also descriptions and driving directions for touring older, abandoned alignments of Route 66. Known as "Adventure Tours", these excursions range in difficulty from moderate to extremely challenging, and even if you don't actually drive them, they're fun to read about and track in the Atlas.



The Atlas contains 236 maps and each map contains numbered waypoints. These waypoints - which were mapped by GPS using National Geographic's TOPO software - correspond to the driving directions, etc., that appear in the Guidebook volume.

A sample map from the Atlas volume is displayed below. (The Route 66 highway section shown on the map runs from Miami, Oklahoma to Afton, Oklahoma.)


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You can also order the book set from Amazon: Route 66 Guidebook and Atlas




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